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Daily Archives: March 4, 2013

Time Keepers, Score Keepers, Side line Managers

A great way to volunteer and learn more about this game is by helping out. If you are interested in learning more and/or would like to volunteer to be a time keeper or score keeper, please contact Sharon Prosser. We need three for each game/team. This is an important job, as we are the “official” record when we are playing home games. You are needed!

Also, we need sideline managers; the basic job description for a sideline manager is crowd control. It is with your help to make sure that the fans are not too rowdy (as we can occur penalties for fans being “too” excited.) As well as making sure that the fans stay outside the set borders of the playing field. Please contact your teams coach if you would like more information or to volunteer for this position.

Thank you for your volunteer time.

Practice & Game Schedule Now Online

All the team schedules are now available online. We will keep these schedules as up to date as possible. Any last minute changes (we all know they happen) you will be contacted by either the team managers, team captains, team parent or coaches.

We are off to a great season start with 20 HS players, 20 MS players and 12 girls; this is the minimum required for a girls team, so if you know of any one who would be interested to play, it is never to late; just have them register online or contact one of the coaches.

Also, we are excited to announce that we have a 5/6 boys team for the first time; if you know any one who wants to try out this great sport in that age range, please contact Coach Jim Deckman.

We are looking to build both HS and a younger girls lacrosse teams; so again, if you know of anyone in this age bracket who would be interest in learning more or being a part of this great sport program, give them the website address or contact the coaches or invite them to a game so they can see first hand how the game is played!

2012 Boys MS Team

2012 Middle School Boys Team


Player Position
Albright, Averie  17 Defense
Burdine, Joshua Midfield
DeFilippo, Adam  15 Midfield
Fritz, Christian Midfield
Gresli, Hayden  6 Attack
Humphries, Chance  5 Attack
Leslie, Keenan  2 Midfield
North, Austin  20 Goalie
Prosser, Charlie Midfield
Robinson, Zachary  14 Defense
Schroepfer, Jamie Midfield
Soelter, Elliott  12 Midfield
Soelter, Hudson  11 Midfield
Deckman, Jim Head Coach
Biladeau, Lee Coach

2012 Girls Team


2012 Mountaineers Girls Team

16 Taylor McElwan
20 Colleen Carpenter
3 Calista Mordecai-Smith
5 Rachel Campbell
14 Maggie Wright
11 Irene Wright
4 Maia Binswanter
7 Cortney Snodgrass
15 Madison Thomas
13 Jessica Lato
6 Megan Hahn
8 Tori Hall
9 Tea’ Gauthun

2012 Mountaineer HS Team

Olympic Mountaineers
2012 High School Roster






15 Bryant Alex Sequim 9
51 Brendan Carpenter Sequim 12 (c)
19 Kevin Catterson Port Angeles 12
60 Julian Eren Port Angeles 9
28 Matthew Galasso Sequim 9
17 Troy Gallagher Port Angeles 12 (c)
6 Collin Haupt Sequim 9
5 Tyler Humphries Port Angeles 12
30 Ian Jones Sequim 11
8 Conner Leslie Port Angeles 9
12 Josh McElrath Sequim 12
24 Migule Moroles Sequim 9
61 Tyler Philp Sequim 9
26 Eric Prosser Sequim 9
14 Steven Rash Sequim 9
4 Ryan Root Sequim 9
12 Quinlan Sugg Port Angeles 12
52 Brice Wood Sequim 9
20 Justin Wood

Player Stats

TEAM STORE NOW OPEN Through March 11th

Team_Store Dear Parents and Players,
We are pleased to announce that our Boathouse online team store is now open.   You can purchase customized Mountaineers merchandise directly from the store for a limited time.  Please be advised that this is the only new team merchandise that will be available for this season.
This is a WIN-WIN situation for everyone…you get great quality custom made Boathouse merchandise and support your team!

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