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Our boys & girls lacrosse teams allow youth of all ages to experience and play lacrosse on the North Olympic Peninsula. Sanctioned to compete with Washington State’s school lacrosse programs, we currently feature players from both Port Angeles and Sequim. We are also open to players from the Port Townsend, Chimicum and Joyce areas.

As the oldest team sport in America, Lacrosse promotes athleticism, sportsmanship, and discipline. Today, lacrosse or “LAX” is the fastest growing sport in both the USA and WA state! NOPYL is a non-profit youth sports program which exists through donations and year round fundraising events. If you would like to know more, or be part of this great growing program, please contact us.

Due to the Governor Inslee recent announcement that there would be no more school for the rest of the academic year, the WHSBLA who operates the Boy’s High School lacrosse league confirmed there would be no lacrosse this spring.

I am sorry that our seniors this year got their chance to go undefeated cut short. Many or our seniors have been with the club for several years. They are Adam, Drake, Hayden, Logan, Max, and Jordan.

I also wanted to thank our coaching staff including head coach Dave Arand as well as Charlie Prosser and Zara Ostermeyer for volunteering to coach. We can’t do it without you.

At some point when it is safer to do so, I hope the team can get together for fun and put an cap on the abbreviated season. Stay well and good luck in the future to our seniors.

Marc Orth, President
Mountaineer Lacrosse

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Did you know... ?

The Lacrosse Division I National Championship Tournament has one of the largest crowds of any NCAA Division I sport!


The nationally televised championship is held each year at the United States Navy & Marine Corp. memorial stadium just outside of Washington D.C.

Did you know.... ?

The first US college Lacrosse team started in 1877 at New York University. It is a combination of Basketball, Soccer, and Hockey… thus the expression;




“It’s like Hockey… with balls!”

Did you know.... ?

Lacrosse is the oldest team sport in the United States. It has been played for more than 900 years by Eastern American natives. In addition to playing for fun, many times a game was played to the death by tribes for dispute resolution!

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