Nick Wright Memorial Lacrosse Sponsorship Application

Nick Wright Memorial Lacrosse Sponsorship Fund Application (downloadable form)

North Olympic Peninsula Youth Lacrosse (NOPYL) provides sponsorship based on player need and the current financial status of NOPYL. These scholarships are granted at the discretion of NOPYL’s board of directors at the beginning of each season. It is our belief that all children should have the opportunity to play lacrosse.

To apply for a sponsorship complete the application and submit it to NOPYL’s Secretary or Sharon Prosser. All applications will remain confidential. Once reviewed, applicants will be notified with the terms of the sponsorship granted. Incomplete applications will be returned for completion.

Nick Wright Memorial Lacrosse Scholarship Fund
$125 for youth players, $150 for HS players. This covers the registration fee.
Youth membership is $25.00/year, High school membership is $35.00/year. Players are required to have this membership before they can take the field to play during the season. This also gives access to the US Lacrosse website, magazine and insurance coverage for the player.
As an example, would you be able to pay $25 a month.