All the team schedules are now available online. We will keep these schedules as up to date as possible. Any last minute changes (we all know they happen) you will be contacted by either the team managers, team captains, team parent or coaches.

We are off to a great season start with 20 HS players, 20 MS players and 12 girls; this is the minimum required for a girls team, so if you know of any one who would be interested to play, it is never to late; just have them register online or contact one of the coaches.

Also, we are excited to announce that we have a 5/6 boys team for the first time; if you know any one who wants to try out this great sport in that age range, please contact Coach Jim Deckman.

We are looking to build both HS and a younger girls lacrosse teams; so again, if you know of anyone in this age bracket who would be interest in learning more or being a part of this great sport program, give them the website address or contact the coaches or invite them to a game so they can see first hand how the game is played!