If you missed the exciting fun of the Round One of the Second Annual Rock, Paper, Scissors Fundraising Tournament, here is a quick recap:

As each team battled for the notoriety of being the best this round, three teams (Some Kids, Misfits and Just Smoked Salmon) struggled to keep up with the two top contenders; Kool Kids and PWDT. The last two teams standing were the Kool Kids and last year’s tournament champions – PWDT. These two powerhouse teams played two back-to-back rounds – each winning one round. In order to break the tie, theyhad to choose a player to face off in a sudden death match. The pressure was on!

Stepping up for The Kool Kids’ team was their powerhouse player, Shailah. PWDT chose their ‘anchor’ player, Jonas. With fierce determination, these two challengers stepped forward with the full pressure of their team at their backs. Every eye in the place was on them, especially the hawk-eyed  refs, waiting to see who would come out on top.  To further add to the pressure, the PWDT coach offered a $200 donation to the NOPYL: if the girls won, they would get to help determine how this donation would best benefit the lacrosse program. If PWDT won, they would get the honor of presenting the donation to the kids at an official game.

With the pressure on, the two competitors stepped to center stage waiting for the sound of the ref’s booming voice; ‘one, two, three, shoot’. With several quick ties, it was finally Shailah who lead her team to victory! The crowd roared in approval of this win, and the Kool Kids basked in their victory. Meanwhile, Jonas bowed his head, accepting defeat.

We would like to thank everyone who showed up to support this fundraising opportunity. A special thanks goes out to those who donated items for the raffle. We would like to especially thank Peninsula Bottling Company for their generous donations and participation.

The second round will be held during the first week of June. All winners will go to the Final Round. If you are interested in participating in the next round, all you need is a total of four players, a name and a donation of $25.00 per player/$100 per team. All funds go to support the NOPYL. You can email, call or simply show up and sign up at the next event.

We look forward to seeing you there!


The five teams who participated the first round of the second annual tournament were;

  • Some Kids (HS Boys) – Eric P, Alex B, Charlie P, Bryce W
  • Kool Kids (Girls & round 1 winner) Shailah W, Maggie W, Irene W, Rachelle C
  • Just Smoked Salmon – John F, Vick W, Scott & Dennis
  • PWDT (Peninsula Bottling) – Brian, Harry, Adam, Jonas, Bucky
  • Misfits (Lax Club Parents +) – Jordi, Mario, Shauna, Steven